Hamburgers (English Version)

Hamburguer is a juicy and quick second course to prepare. It is mainly cooked on the grill or griddle and can be enjoyed with a classic sandwich or accompanied by a salad.

You can find the Italian version here:
You can find the Spanish version here:

⌚Prep time: 5minutes
⏱️Cooking time: 8/10 minutes
🍴Portions: 4

500gr of minced beef
2 spoons of finely chopped parsley
Evo oil, salt and pepper to taste

In a bowl put the minced meat, parsley, salt and pepper to taste and mix well, let it rest for 10 minutes so that the meat can take on flavour. After this time, divide the mixture into 4 parts (125 g).

Heat the grill over a high heat and cook the hamburguers for 8/10 minutes, turning once when almost cooked. Brush them with olive oil.

Serve with a small salad or a bun.❤

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